Central Florida Athletics (CFA) was founded by our family for your family. We believe family strengthens the fabric of society; the CFA community believes in promoting the values, standards, morals, ethics, ideals, principals and beliefs necessary to strengthen society.


Children learn very early their specific family role and responsibility. At CFA the ownership and coaches acknowledge our community responsibility to perpetuate what is learned in the home while striving to ensure each CFA athlete is physically fit. Our coaches will optimize your athlete’s specific gift, continuously reinforcing, hard work and family values all of which working as a team and achieving goals together is paramount.


This philosophy is what defines Central Florida Athletics – Lakeland’s “Premier” All Star Cheer, Tumbling and Gymnastics Program.



Employment Opportunities

We are always looking for motivated energetic individuals who love making a difference in kids lives to…

Teach Gymnastics Classes
Coach Competitive Team
Lead Birthday Parties
Become a Camp Counselors
Become a Van Driver
Join our Customer Service Team

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Please email heidi@cfa-coaching.com and Tom Mathews at tom@centralfloridaathletics.com to submit your application and cover letter.

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